Underdogs: The appealing side

We all want to be the winning team.

But, we also want to be the underdogs that emerge out of nowhere only to claim victory like it was always theirs. 

While mighty teams give you a proud win, an underdog’s victory has a different taste to it.

The determination is of a different kind; something a winning side may never feel. 

But in the end legacies are built on great teams, while the underdogs make for the best stories. 


The written word

It’s weird how we react to visual mediums now,

While scriptures and the written word are left to rot.

Are we forgetting that this is the foundation of everything?

Or are we too hypnotized by the picture it paints?

I would choose a book over a series anyday,

Because what a chapter can convey, a 30 second scene cannot.

While we’re spoon fed with visuals,

Words give us the opportunity to feed on it.

While we’re shown what to think,

The written word will gives us the liberty to create.

So, why would you choose bound stories?

When you can have boundless reveries.

Why confine your imagination to what’s shown?

When you can create a world of your own.

The skies in greyscale.

The grass on each side turns greener.

The concrete jungle grows wild in color.

The ground beneath us holds a rusty finish.

The air floats like cotton in white.

Nature has its own way with filters.

That time of the year

Gloomy may be the first adjective that comes to your head,
but the rains instill a sense of peace we long for all year long.

Parched lands and minds quench their thirst; the lands with water and the minds with serenity.

But this beautiful yet chaotic season holds a certain kind of yin and yang to it.

While some soulfully rekindle bonds in closed shelters,
Some huddle into safe spaces to evade destruction.

While some rejoice the aromas of solitude,
Some rot away within four walls of restlessness.

While some sing praises of this beauty,
Some recall the songs they once sang.

So, once again, which side do you find yourself on this season?
Yin or yang.

Not Love

Couple of failed attempts later they were done explaining,
or atleast done trying to explain
Such prosaic minds could never comprehend,
what it was like to experience love like never before
Even the word love could never match up to the intensity,,
the enthralling passionate union they shared
Love’ was beyond mediocre,
What they felt was beyond extraordinary
Even words wouldn’t do justice,
to something so extravagant
It wasn’t always sunshine and blue skies,
There were dark times,venomous words and painful lies
They left each other every time,
Like a cyclone ravaged a lonely town
They reconciled every time,
Only to love each other like they’ve never been hurt before
They’ve lived and died a million times,
All in one lifetime
But isn’t that what love is?
To love the most unlovable darkest sides of one another
So passionate and consuming that it can kill you
And at the very same time grant you redemption from all that is
Love is to hold a grudge against someone,
because of the irresversible feelings cultivated for them
And knowing that the power lies in those feelings ,
those strings that you now dangle from
They knew with love comes hurt,
And it was rare to find that because everyone was seeking
only loves pleasure and peace
But with love comes its thorns and poison
And they were willing to bleed joyfully.

All the little things

She kissed the rusty old letters,

That still held captive his fragrance,

She held hands with the memories,

Which twirled her around in the rain

She never forgot to wear the smile,

The smile which had his name all over

She hugged the clothes on the hanger,

That once clung to his masculine body

She strolled down the streets, never alone

His laughter echoing at the back of her mind

Every night beneath the sheets of slumber,

Her eyes rested wanting to feel his illusory presence,

He would come around sooner or later

And so these little things kept her going

Until then she said, “Someday when the time is right.

We will meet again, but not tonight.”

If you runaway you are going to bump into it again.


Some people use this as a defence mechanism once in a while, some practically have adopted it as a daily habit and some just can’t seem to get rid of it. Escapism is neither good nor bad. It can drive you nuts at the same time it can give you momentarily satisfaction. But how long can you runaway from everything? You have to face it someday. Face whatever it is and get done with it. By escaping reality you are not changing it. It is still going to remain the same. In fact if you runaway from a situation it might deteriorate further.

I realised this today as reality hit me hard. I’ve been running away just because I dread an ugly conversation with my boss. But then again, if i would’ve avoided the conversation she would have thought of me as an irresponsible and ignorant person. So i gathered the courage to give it a shot and face it. And it wasn’t that bad after all. If I planned to escape this situation, it would eat me up on the inside and I would be unhappy.

Escapism can take you to a whole new world which is constructed by you but sometimes,just sometimes you have no idea how badly you destroy the real world around you when you plan to elope to ‘your’ world.


10 days of Puppyness

A small packet of joy wrapped with a cheerful aura sat in the corner of their house waiting to be acknowledged.

They were discouraged with the way of life, they sat everyday in despair.

Long were the nights, silence was shared.

Until the day, two vivacious eyes gazed right into their hearts.The little bundle of joy spoke words, no one but only they could comprehend.Waiting to be embraced, like an unpacked gift he sat there with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Carefully they cradled him, leaving behind the bitterness of life. Little did they know, happiness had just arrived.

They no longer walked around in pain, they watched their kiddish efforts to get hold of him go in vain. The house was now a home and  he constantly had them on their toes, oh how wonderfully they wore their smiles, somewhere down there he knows.

He alleviated their worldly pains and brought the child out in them,he was truly a fur ball of puppyness, a hairy little gem.

But he knew it was now time for a goodbye,because good things stay for a short while ,leaving you with the memories they provide.

The pets with whom we’ve shared our lives, somewhere around us their souls still survive.

You will be sad ,I understand but don’t let the smiles turn to sand.

He grew so close to them in the last ten days. he wouldn’t want those gifted smiles to once again fade away..